There are so many different feelings during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period as you become a Mum.


in the live of every mum.

Having a baby is the most powerful, all-encompassing and thrilling experience of a woman's life. After having lived the pregnancy and giving birth to my daughter I started my journey to enter this world and make myself useful. I would like every woman to live that period in the best possible way and to feel ready. So I started with something that is fundamental to me: water.

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  • Having a baby is an extraordinary experience.
    The change begins with the thought of becoming a Mum.

Antenatal & Birth doula

Antenatal & Birth doula provides supports during pregnancy to women and families who are planning all kind of birth.

Postnatal doula

Postnatal doula provides educational support and practical support in the home in the first weeks and months after childbirth.

Baby Massage

A Baby Massage Instructor teach practical skills to parent and prepare them to start a baby massage routine with their little ones.

Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.

Barbara Katz Rothman

Sociology Professor at CUNY

  • I thank Alessandra for her professionalism, humanity and empathy. I was followed by her during the antenatal period, with exercises aimed at becoming aware of what was happening to my body, and specific exercises for the pelvic floor.This experience allowed me to live my pregnancy serenely. Simona - London

  • Having had a traumatic labour, I asked to Alessandra followed me as a doula during the puerperium. Her expertise helped me to take note of what had made my delivery as traumatic, and made me aware of how to deal with the stressful and emotional situations caused by this bad experience.Thank you very much for being able to listen, understand and communicate, which are the actions I missed during childbirth. Alessia - London

  • Because of my difficult and long birth I had problems with the pelvic floor, the situation was greatly improved in a few weeks with the help of Alessandra. She is very attentive and very patient. Besides I often have migraines and she has always been attentive to this aspect. She was fantastic! Silvia - London