About me

As a doula I have received training from Nurturing Birth and Mammole.

My Story

I became a prenatal aquamotricist (University of Water, Italy) because I believe that water is a great teacher and a valiant friend.

It’s from the water that life is born, it is the first experience of our existence in the mother's womb, and that's where we can untie the tensions, let go, let us cradle, really feel our inner power and get in touch with our guide: the instinct. I wanted to do more and therefore I continued my training becoming Maternal Personal Trainer (Mammole, Italy) and trying to make each mother understand her infinite beauty, even after a pregnancy that can, in some way, change the appearance of the body. Every woman is wonderful, every body is unique and every mother deserves to see herself beautiful and to appreciate and love herself. I became a Doula (Nurturing Birth, United Kingdom) because I want to be present and useful, I would like every woman to become aware of herself and her wishes and choose for herself how to take care of her baby. I think that every mother is perfect for her child when she relies on her maternal instinct and when she has around people able to support her in her choices, whatever they may be, to attend her on the path and to help her in her needs.

But it still wasn’t enough and so, after trying and trying...

I approached the profession of the Doula and it was an enlightenment! This is my goal: to be present at the birth of a mother, helping her, supporting her, making her bring out her abilities and potential, making the passage as fluid as water and gentle as the motion of the waves. I am a strong supporter of baby wearing (Peer and supporter).

I believe that the contact between the dyad should always be encouraged as it makes the transition softer and the bond stronger and more powerful. It’s exciting to watch a mother who wear her baby, who returns to be one with her creature, as it was for 9 months.

Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.

Elizabeth Stone

American librarian and educator